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In the Alta Ruta de los Perdidos we work to offer you the highest quality possible, taking care of every details.
We are sure of the uniqueness of the product we offer. And in order to attest to its excellence, we are joined in this adventure by an exceptional Ambassador: Alberto Iñurrategi.

Alberto con La Alta Ruta:
Alberto IS:
An icon of Basque mountaineering and a reference in the panorama of the highest mountains. His commitment and dedication to the mountaineering world suffered the worst blow in the year 2000, when his brother Felix disappeared during the descent of the Gasherbrum II. However, he became the youngest alpinist to win the 14 ‘Eight-thousanders’ by signing with Jean Christophe Lafaille the first repetition of the eastern ridge of Annapurna.

Extremely critical of the journalistic trivialization of the mountain world, Alberto has been able to transmit the value of mountaineering through careful documentaries, books and slideshows that reveal his deep respect for an activity that, misunderstood and poorly explained, loses its value.

«I have always regarded the mountain as a vital alternative, a place of expression in which it is still possible to set aside everyday’s routine, the infernal pace of a life that demands from us, more and more, to produce. I usually have enough with a break close to home, a gesture of disconnection that allows me, among other things, to better appreciate my family life. But I reckon that the Pyrenees are an exceptional setting where I find without effort the exact measure of my passion for the mountains.

Here, between valleys and peaks, in the fascinating and vertical surroundings of the Cirque de Gavarnie, in the magic of Monte Perdido or in the imposing scenery of the Vignemale, I have been able to pursue challenges of different sizes, experiences on foot, with skis or climbing. And find the freedom that the obligations of my ‘regular’ life restrict.

The mountains are a frame of expression, of search: each one pursues his own … and I hope to find a certain form of beauty, peace, feelings that connect with what I understand is a passion with capital letters, a passion made to measure Of the High Route of the Lost. »
Mountains are a framework of expression, of search: everyone seeks their own way… and I hope to find a certain form of beauty, peace, feelings that connect with what I understand is a passion with capital letters, a passion made to fit la ALTA RUTA DE LOS PERDIDOS.


In la Alta Ruta we believe that innovation in the mountains has to go hand in hand with safety. That is why this new season we have new technology to provide live tracking and safety to all our ‘ruteros’.

Yes, we have contracted the services of Racetracker, a company renowned for providing follow-up, safety and visibility to professional expeditions, both adventurers of any discipline and climbers on the highest peaks in the world.

The Racetracker service will be given at the starting point of the route, the Bujaruelo Refuge. There, during the briefing, you will be explained the scope and operation of this safety device.

Remember you can hire a professional if you are not self-sufficient in the mountains. No safety device can replace the work of a mountain guide.


In la Alta Ruta, we are committed to sustainability and we are therefore identified with Ternua, a committed and sustainable brand that is characterized by innovation in mountain garments of high technical performance, versatile and sustainable.

Our alliance has a common and priority objective: to achieve the balance between the action of man and the respect and quality of the environment. Together we look forward to the future with respect and self-improvement spirit.

To achieve our goal we have created a framework of collaboration in which we will develop certain actions.

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