Vignemale Tour

Directed at people that have some past experience in hiking who would like to go on a beautiful high mountain trek for two or three nights. More info.


Stage 1: Valle de Ara to Vignemale’s north face

From the Bujaruelo refuge cross the Romanic bridge over the river Ara and walk along the valley of the same name until the final cirque. At the cirque, which is the source of the river Ara, take the path which climbs up to the Collado de los Mulos. From here descend the steep, rock-filled chute and then follow a path which is well marked with red-white-red stripes from the HRP, which takes you to the Oulettes de Gaube Refuge. The arrival is spectacular as we find ourselves in front of one of the most daunting walls in the Pyrenees, the north face of the Vignemale, and the Gaube glacier.
Distance 18 Km. Accumulated height: +1291/-478 m.


Stage 2: Horquette d´Ossoue and Gavarnie
Leave the refuge following the HRP marks that will take you to Horquette d´Ossoue. It’s a high pass (2734 m) that might have some snow in summer, so it is necessary to inform yourself beforehand of the conditions you might encounter. From the pass you’ll go by the Baysellance refuge, the highest in the Pyrenees. Follow the steep downhill track to the Ossoue Glacier’s moraine. When you arrive at the Barrage d´Ossue you have to cross it and follow the path that runs parallel with the river and that will take you to the town in approximately 3 hours. There is a forest track which can be driven along in car to Gavarnie, but the path is a more scenic option with lots of pastures and with a fantastic end thorough a majestic wood. A reward awaits you in Gavarnie, with amazing views of the Cirque and an authentic mountain vibe that’ll you’ll surely enjoy. Distance 20,7 Km. Accumulated height: +776/-1432 m.

PPPPentera vignemale

Stage 3: Gavarnie Cirque and Bujaruelo
The route commences at Gavarnie and heads towards the cirque, one of nature’s great spectacles without a doubt. There the route turns right to ascend the Plateau Bellvue. (If you should want to see the best views of the cirque, follow the path that leads from Gavarnie to the Hotellerie du Cirque, and then follow your steps back to the track that ascends the Plateau Bellvue. This deviation takes around 2 hours). The route continues along the Pouey d´Aspè valley and takes you past the Cabaña de los Soldados. The track ascends a scree to the Bujaruelo Pass (2.273 m). Once at the pass take another track that descends to the west towards the Bujaruelo Refuge, which is marked with red and White stripes. After the first steep downhill section cross a ravine leaving the Cabaña de Eléctricas on your right. Now just keep descending until you walk thorough the woods that will finally lead you to the Romanic bridge of San Nicolás de Bujaruelo. Distance 13 Km Accumulated height: +1020/-1177 m.


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