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Including MONTE PERDIDO summit: Extra night at the Góriz Refuge.
Including Vignemale summit: Extra night at the Bayssellance Refuge.
Including PERDIDO+VIGNEMALE summits. Route description:


Stage 1: La Brecha and the Ordesa Canyon
As you leave Bujaruelo cross the Romanesque Bridge. From there follow the red and white marks corresponding to the GR11 trail, ascending to the Bujaruelo pass. From here follow the sign towards the Brecha de Rolando Refuge. Once at the gap you can descend any of the trails towards the plain to arrive at the Goriz Refuge.
Distance 16,Km. Elevation gain: +1585/-723 m

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Stage 2: Añisclo en route to Pineta
Departing from Goriz follow the GR 11 trail which slowly ascends to the mountain pass named collado superior de Goriz. At this point leave the GR 11 trail which descends towards the Anisclo canyon, and follow a path to the north-east marked by cairns, which will take you past the Faja de las Olas to the Anisclo pass. From there carefully walk down the long descent from the pass to the Pineta Refuge. Distance 13Km. Elevation gain: +602/-1562m


Stage 3: The Monte Perdido Glacier
From Pineta follow the National Park signs towards the Balcón de Pineta and Marboré lake. Once at the lake flank it on its right towards the gap and Tucarroya Refuge. Once you’ve made the ascent to the gap descend carefully and then head towards the Horquette d´Alans on an uphill trail. The last section leading to the Espuguettes Refuge is downhill, and the views are amazing.
Distance 16,5 Km. Elevation gain: +1722m/-935m.

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Stage 4: The Gavarnie Cirque

From the Espuguettes refuge head towards Gavarnie. After a steep descent you will find a sign that indicates the Gavarnie Cirque path on the left. Follow this beautiful forest path to its end at the base of the imposing Gavarnie Cirque. From the Hotellerie du Cirque to the village there is about an hour’s walk. The path from the village to the Grange de Holle Refuge is not very easy to find. Follow the signs leading to the cemetery and carry on past it until you come across a turn on the right which isn’t signposted. This path will take you to the Grange de Holle refuge. Distance 9,8km. Elevation gain: +210/-742 m.

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Stage 5: The Gran Vignemale 
The departure from the Grange de Holle Refuge is a bit confusing so it is best to ask an innkeeper from the refuge for directions. Next head towards the Valle d´Ossue along a forest path. Go past the Lourdes cabin and after some distance cross the Barrage d´Ossue dam and start the ascent towards the Bayssellance refuge. Continue along the path that winds up the hill to the Horquette d´Ossue and then descend to the Oulettes refuge.
Distance 20,7Km. Elevation gain: +1432/-776 m.

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Stage 6: Reward
Depart from Oulettes towards the Collado de los Mulos mountain pass. Descend from there following the red and white marks that correspond to the Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne route. After a while, leave the marks behind to head towards the Valle del Ara on a trail that after a long and gradual descent, will lead you to Bujaruelo’s Romanesque bridge and the refuge.
Distance 18 Km. Elevation gain: +478/-1291 m.

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