Tour Of The Monte
Perdido Glacier

3 days and 3 nights. High mountain trek recommended only for experienced trekkers who are in good physical condition. Thought out for those who want to enjoy one of the Pyrenees’ wildest routes over a shorter time span.


STAGE 1: Bujaruelo- Espuguettes REFUGE
As you leave Bujaruelo, cross the Romanic Bridge and from there follow the red and white marks that correspond the GR11 trail, and ascend to the Bujaruelo pass. At the pass cross a road and follow the signs to Gavarnie via the Cabanne de Soldats. Before arriving at Gavarnie change course towards the Hotellerie du Cirque and Gavarnie Cirque via a path which is signposted. From the Hotellerie du Cirque there is a sign that signals the ascent to Espuguettes.
Distance 18,47 km Elevation gain: +1880/-1191m

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Stage 2: Espuguettes – Góriz Refuge

Leave the Espuguettes Refuge heading towards the Horquette de Alans and the Brecha de Tucarroya. Pass the Tucarroya Refuge and descend towards the Marbore lake. Flank the lake on its west side heading towards the south until you find some cairns which will take you to the imposing north face of the Monte Perdido. This rocky obstacle (height 2730 m) forces us to find an adequate passageway: be careful it isn’t the steep gulley in front of us, but the next one on the left. Follow the trail beneath the rock pillars for approximately 150m until you see red marks on the Wall. Climb the Collado del Cilindro pass by following the cairns and then descend to the Lago Helado by down climbing across a ledge. Cross the lake and take the path that heads south and descends to the Góriz Refuge. Distance 12,26 km Elevation gain: + 1608/-1435m.

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Stage 3: Góriz Refuge-Bujaruelo
Leave the refuge heading west towards the Collado del Descargador and the Brecha de Roland. The path is marked with cairns. To ascend the Brecha we recommend you take the path which passes in front of the Gruta Helada de Casteret, and which follows the rock face very closely using hand rails. Descend from the Brecha towards the Sarradets Refuge by the most obvious trail. From Sarradets head towards the Port de Boucharou using the red and white marks to guide yourself. From the pass there is an obvious descent which will lead you to Bujaruelo’s Romanic bridge and the refuge. Distance 14,28km. Accumulated height 905/-1767 m.

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